SEALEGS 6.1 "D-Tube" - used fishing boat


SEALEGS 6.1 "D-Tube"

The SEALEGS 6.1m D-Tube is the only all-aluminium hulled craft in the SEALEGS family, making the perfect SEALEGS for fishing trips and getting through rough terrain. Complete with windless winch and bowsprit the 6.1m D-Tube is the ideal fishing boat.


Built to the demanding standards of CE and USCG the 6.1m D-Tube encapsulates the best of SEALEGS technology in a rugged, agile package.

The state-of-art sport console featured on the 6.1m RIB can be customized to suit your needs. Chart plotter options go all the way up to an NSS12, or choose to add a Fusion Sound System with Signature Series Speaker to the console for music on the water - among others.

The 6.1m D-Tube encapsulates the best of SEALEGS Technology in an efficient agile package.

Your Benefits

  • Single handed operation, giving one person the freedom to launch their boat by themselves

  • Immediate access to and from the water — no waiting, backing trailers, winching or parking

  • Embarking and disembarking no longer means getting wet

  • Children can safely be in the boat at all times, avoiding possible accidents

  • More time on the water, less time spent getting in and out of water

  • The ability to explore places inaccessible in a traditional boat

  • Foldable windscreen, fits in every garage

  • No Antifouling, no maintanance (Evinrude 5 years warranty)

  • Best price on the market you can get

About the History of this Pre-owned SEALEGS

This SEALEGS D-Tube was used as a work boat in England, but only 10 hours. Than a private captain bought the ship, but gets ill, so that this SEALEGS is a sale from emergency.

Build in 2015

Pre Owners 2

***** Approved, top Condition, new

Pre Owners Statements


>It was my first SEALEGS and I was very happy with this vessel. Unfortunately, I have to sell it for reasons of illness.

This SEALEG D-Tube is ideal as a tender boat for large Yachts or for a fisher boat. The condition of the boat is like new.<

*Demovideo from 6.1 D-Tube

Unique Equipement

- Full aluminium Hull

- XRT (Extented Runtime)

- 115 HP Evinrude (20 hours)

- Hydrolfoils

- Passive Cooling Box

- 25 HP Honda Engine (10 hours)

- Lowrance HDS 7

- Compass

- 80 Liter Tank

- Foldable Windscreen

- Bimini

- Viper Racing Propeller

- Trailer

Newprice 140.000 €